Taffy's 12th Year Photo

Sunday, 12 Jun 2016 | Family, Pets


Taffy, looking youthful on her 12th birthday.


Dave MacPherson, First Disneyland Ticket Buyer Souvenir Offer

Friday, 15 Jan 2016 | Disney, Disneyland

I had the honor of corresponding with Dave MacPherson to discuss how he bought the first Disneyland ticket on opening day, July 18, 1955! He wants to share his experience with Disneyland fans with an unique offer.

As you know, Dave MacPherson waited all night to buy the first ticket sold to the public at Disneyland on Mon., July 18, 1955 - see "Golden Pass (Disney)" on Wikipedia. Dave, now 83, has an unusual offer for Disney fans.

For a five-dollar bill Dave will send you two copies of the L.A. area newspaper clips telling about it plus the latest photo of him holding his lifetime pass in the latest (Dec. 2015) newspaper feature on him - and he will autograph all items.

Send $5.00 cash to:

Dave MacPherson
PO Box 333
Beloit, Kansas 67420 USA


Taffy's 11th Year Photo

Friday, 12 Jun 2015 | Family, Pets


Taffy, looking regal on her 11th birthday.


Taffy's 8 Year Photo

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2012 | Family, Pets


Taffy strikes a pose on our bed on her 8th birthday.


Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011 | Apple


I was deeply saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' death today. I will truly miss him. I have to admit I would enjoy his enthusiasm showing off his products at the online keynote addresses. I was actually already sad when I heard he was stepping down as CEO of Apple.

I've had a love affair with Apple products for a long time. My first computer was an Apple IIe with a whopping 128K of RAM. My first Mac was a Macintosh Plus with a 20 MB serial hard drive which was excruciatingly slow by todays's standards, but at the time was like a magic box compared to the single density, one-sided 5.25 inch floppy drives. I had a pair of those hooked up to my IIe.

Over the years I have owned many Macs. I still love Apple computers. I use a Mac Pro now with a 30 inch Cinema Display. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I love them all. They help me to express myself every day.

Thank you, Steve, for touching my life in a very personal way although I never met you in person.


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