Call from Dad!

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 | Family

I received a call from my dad today!

He had just been extubated, so his throat was very raw. I could hardly understand a word he said, but it was wonderful to hear him just the same. He said he was doing well. I told him that I'll be flying there to accompany him back to California. He seemed quite glad about that.

The nurse told be that dad is doing very well and is looking good for a recovery. He should be ready to fly home by early next week. I don't have a firm date yet, but things are looking good for that timeframe.

I found out some more good news. There is a guest house, which is kind of like a military motel, located behind the hospital. They said I can get a room there for a reasonable price that is the size of a small apartment with a microwave and two double beds. I just need to get a note from Dr. Stewart indicating that my dad is being treated at Tripler Army Medical Center.

I will most likely be flying out this weekend. I still need to coordinate the flights so that dad and I will be seated together. His e-ticket is through Hawaiian Airlines, so I'll be booking my roundtrip flight through them as well. I got his ticket number through Harvest, so I should be ready to book it as soon as I get more information from his doctor.

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