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Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 | Family

Here are a series of emails from Mr. Lambert, Erin's History teacher, sent from Europe.

Subject: Day Two in London

Today, everyone awoke feeling much better. What a wonder a few hours sleep will do! Well, everyone woke up except for Cody Schumaker and Andrew Layne.. who slept through both wake up calls AND breakfast. The whole group waited while they jumped up and joined everyone on the bus (who had been waiting 15 minutes for them. (oh well.) Most of the day today was rainy and really blustery! The umbrellas being inverted, like in Mary Poppins, were everywhere.

Throughout the morning we rode around on a sightseeing bus. We saw all of the London sights including Buckingham Palace. The Queen was in and we took pictures in front. We then went to Westminster Abbey. The history was truly alive! (and the people in the tombs all around were dead) We saw tombs or monuments ...Edward I, Henry III, and so many more!!! We then saw everything around the Tower of London. The castle is great. The crown jewels seemed to be all the kids favorite.

We toured around and saw many more things..but my time is just about I have to go for tonight.


Subject: London Day 2 Continued... some more time!! We shopped, went to the Madame Toussaud's wax museum and went up on the London Eye (a huge slow moving ferris wheel). Not necessarily all of us did all three, but afterwards we all met at Picadilly Circus and walked all over the place! Chinatown was a highlight...I had a great dinner at an English pub and had wonderful Fish and Chips while watching "football". Back to the Hotel and we should be going to bed soon...

Mr. Lambert

Subject: Safe and Sound in Suisse

First off, I'm so sorry for not being able to write earlier. France was not internet friendly in our neighborhood. In fact I only saw one place to send emails in the entire country on this trip. (and that was in the Eiffel Tower where I had no phone card). So, the bottom line is that everyone is still safe and sound and we have successfully made it to Switzerland. Since I last wrote we went accross the English channel via ferry, slept in a cozy French village, saw the American cemetery, climbed in WWII bunkers, visited Omaha beach, rode a bus to Paris, climbed the Eiffel Tower, saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, visted Notre Dame cathedral (come climbed to the top), took a cruise down the Seine River, visted Versailles (the home of Louis XIV), saw the glorious Saint Chappelle, and had a wonderful taste of home last night at Hard Rock Cafe in Paris. (Many bought shirts and memorabilia) This morning we had an early wake up (5am) to take a bullet train to Lausanne in Switzerland.. We just had lunch and leave in two minutes to see the Castle of Chillon on the side of Lake Geneva. And tonight we head to the perfect Swiss Alpine village of Wengen. Bye for now. I will write again as soon as it is possible.


Nathan Lambert, and other chaperones

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