Update on Dad

Monday, 28 Jun 2004 | Family

I just talked to the Cardiologist, Dr. Stewart. He said that dad was doing well overall. He has removed the catheter and temporary pacemaker. He has chosen not to extubate yet though because when inserting the tube into his airway, his tonsils were nicked causing bleeding. The doctor wants to leave the tube in so that there is a lower risk of excess blood loss due to the injury and administering of anticoagulants.

Dad is currently still experiencing ventricular tachycardia. They are monitoring him closely. Hopefully his heart will get back into its normal rhythm on its own. Dr. Stewart mentioned that he does have another major blockage that will have to be dealt with using either angioplasty or open heart surgery once he returns home. Fortunately the additional blockage shouldn't prevent his recovery to travel back to California. The other blockage would require attention within four to six weeks after his return.

I should have a more definitive time for discharge, but as it looks now, Dr. Stewart expects dad to be ready for travel early next week if things go well.

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