Vacation in Seattle

Wednesday, 23 Jun 2004 | Travel

Toni, Erin and I are excited about our summer vacation.

This will be the first real vacation we've had together as a family in about eight years. We're staying four nights in Seattle and four nights in Northern Washington.

We're going to visit Seattle, Washington and Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia.

We'll also get to see my good friend Lori while we're there. She lives up very close to the Canadian border in Washington.

Just recently, I went to my mailbox to find a huge manila envelope stuffed with brochures for everything we want to see and do on our trip. Lori was nice enough to gather every brochure in sight and send them to me.

Thanks for all your effort, Lori. I appreciate it lots! :)

We'll get to see Lori and my friend Char in Seattle as well as meet Lori's daughter, Melissa who just had her first baby.

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