Friday, 25 Jun 2004 | Family

I received a call this morning from Erin!

I was so excited to hear from her because I miss her terribly, but was also quite excited that her calling card worked for the first time.

She had tried for 45 minutes in London to get through using her calling card with no success. I called the company and asked for the right country code for the United States and gave it to her, but alas, no success. Well, this morning the call went through because she said that a local operator put the call through. I'm not sure why that worked better, but I'm just glad that she can use her calling card now. I had charged up the card with $140 worth of credit before her trip. It would have been a shame to not be able to use it at all during her trip.

She left Caen this morning, off to visit Normandy beach where the D-Day raid occurred. She will be traveling to Paris this evening, where she will be staying for three nights.

She is having a wonderful time, but they are adhering to a hectic schedule and putting in long days, so she is quite tuckered out each evening.

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