Adoring Muffin

Monday, 19 Jul 2004 | Pets

I have two cats. A tabby named Muffin and a black cat named Sheba.

Sheba is very sleek and refined, but very skittish, therefore I don't have many good pictures of her.

Muffin is my cat that thinks she's a dog. She greets me at the top of the stairs every morning when I come out of the bedroom to take my shower and then again when I go back to the bedroom from the bathroom. She lets me hold her in my arm and rub her tummy and head. She purrs and drools like a dog when I do. She will even chase after a paper ball and fetch it for me at times. LOL

Muffin's Adoring Gaze

Stay tuned for a future post with a picture of Sheba and a little bio on her. :)

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