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Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 | Family

My dad met with his cardiologist today. His doctor now has my dad's medical records from Hawaii as well as a CD-Rom containing videos of his arteries.

The cardiologist said that he would meet with him in approximately a month at which time he would decide how to handle the remaining blockage and when to schedule the procedure. So as it stands, the procedure would likely be performed in September unless the cardiologist decides the situation is too critical to wait.

The wrench in the works is that if the cardiologist decides to perform a balloon angioplasty, then dad will have to stay on blood thinning medication indefinitely because there would be a danger that a blood clot might form. In that case, the surgery to freeze his prostate might not be viable unless there is minimal or no incisions required. Radiation therapy would be required to eradicate the cancer.

If the cardiologist decides on bypass surgery, he could remove the stents and he could discontinue dad's blood thinner and have the prostate freezing surgery.

So, my dad needs to talk with his urologist concerning if an incision is required for the prostate surgery. He also needs to ascertain how the delay due to his heart condition will affect the spread of the cancer.

My dad has an appointment with his family doctor tomorrow. He will also try to meet with his urologist tomorrow.

We hope to have more information by the end of the week once the cardiologist has reviewed his case more thoroughly.

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