Dad Incommunicado

Monday, 19 Jul 2004 | Family

Toni got a little worried when she called my dad's home and cell phone after work and didn't get an answer. She thought perhaps something was wrong concerning his health.

Well, he called her back a bit later from a pay phone from church. She was relieved to hear from him. He said his cell phone had gone dead. He couldn't receive or make a call. He could see the caller-id, but couldn't operate the phone.

He loves his mobile phone and it goes with him on his belt everywhere he goes. So, he was quite vexed to find it didn't work. He kept telling Toni that he would not be able to call her or get a call from her until he got home later tonight.

It's so cute, because he is so attached to his phone. Hopefully he can replace it soon and be back in communication with the world.

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