Dad's Getting Better

Friday, 2 Jul 2004 | Family

I talked to my dad today. He seems to be getting better and better. His voice is much better now since they have had the breathing tube out of his throat for several days now. He continues to have solid food, but can't typically finish the large portions they give him. He just eats until he's safisfied.

He said he was really looking forward to seeing me in a couple of days. As I was talking to him, Kathy from Harvest Christian Fellowship called to ask on his progress.

The hospital has sent a full report to my dad's doctor in California, Dr. Meyering, so that he would be informed and could arrange for a cardiologist to see dad when he gets home. Dad talked to Dr. Meyering today by phone. The doctor told my dad to get up and walk around every hour during the five hour flight home to keep the circulation going in his legs.

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