Dad's Transfusion and X-Ray

Thursday, 1 Jul 2004 | Family

Dad finally got his blood transfusion over most of last night. He said that he got almost no sleep because they had to take his blood pressure every fifteen minutes or so while receiving the blood. They took some blood samples afterward to assess how his hemoglobin level was doing.

They took a set of x-rays this afternoon to check on his condition.

He told me some more about his experience during the heart attack. He felt a pain in his neck, so he left his seat and walked to the concession area. He then started to sweat profusely and felt nauseated. He drank some water and then went to the bathroom. After he came out, he had some more water. He had some pineapple just before the crusade and thought perhaps it had gone bad and upset his stomach. By then, he was looking rather bad, but he didn't have any idea that it was a heart attack. Someone called 911 to get medical help for him. On the way out, Stephanie noticed him. She was helping sell crusade t-shirts and recognized him. He gave her his digital camera and cell phone. She went along with him in the ambulance. Stephanie was great, keeping in contact with me during the whole ordeal. Dad said he didn't know he was having a heart attack until the doctor told him at the emergency room. After that, he didn't remember much until after his angioplasty. He said the pain was mostly in his throat and neck. The pain wasn't as severe or situated the way he would have expected from heart attack accounts he had heard.

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