Dinner at Chili's

Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004 | Family, Food, Restaurants

I met Toni and my dad at Chili's for dinner on my way home from work.

Toni had gone with my dad to his doctor visit today. He met with his family doctor. He told my dad that Tripler Army Medical Center had done very well in his treatment. My dad will be calling his cardiologist group in Riverside tomorrow to schedule a visit to determine the course of action for his remaining blockage. We are hoping that his cardiologist will choose to perform a balloon angioplasty instead of bypass surgery. Although both procedures are serious, the former is less intrusive and will require a much shorter recovery period.

Dad's prostate cancer surgery will have to wait until his blockage is eliminated. The doctor did indicate that he should have the prostate cancer eradicated as soon as possible since it can degenerate quickly in patients my dad's age.

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