Hanauma Bay

Monday, 19 Jul 2004 | Travel

It was truly beautiful at Hanauma Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. It is a natural preserve where people come from near and far to enjoy the beach and the abundant wildlife just under the water. Toni has snorkeled there and has told me many times what an experience it is to be that close to the sea life.

On my trip, I wasn't able to enjoy the water or snorkeling due to my dad's condition, but I had a wonderful time observing people and taking photographs; a pastime I've enjoyed since junior high school.

I noticed a group of Asian boys playing ball in the water. They were haviing such a great time. I decided to capture their fun on digital film.

A boy plays ball at Hanauma Bay

Then I happened upon a much younger boy playing by himself on the beach. He was walking and swaying, oblivious to what else was going on. Shouldn't we take time out to enjoy and interact with nature the way this boy did in Hawaii? I think I'll make it a priority to enjoy the simple things in life. I think sometimes adults can learn lessons from children; in fact, I believe much can be learned from the young and the old; we just need to observe and listen.

Hanauma Boy

Someday I hope to return with Toni to take more pictures and perhaps even take in a little snorkeling. Whatever I do, I'm sure I will have a wonderful time due to the beautiful surroundings and the company.

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