The Great Hidden Mickey Quest

Friday, 23 Jul 2004 | Disneyland

Toni and I have always loved Disneyland and Mickey Mouse is our favorite Disney character.

What are Hidden Mickeys?
Hidden Mickeys are Mickey Mouse heads, i.e., three circles, one for the head and two generally smaller ones above for Mickey's ears, meant to look like Mickey, but aren't readily apparent unless you look carefully for them. They're a kind of secret Mickey that can occur anywhere in the park. That's the general idea. For a more complete description of what constitutes a Hidden Mickey, please read the excellent explanation at

I want to compile a list of Hidden Mickeys at the Disneyland Resort in Ahaheim that will be available on my site for my readers, but I need your help.

An example of a Hidden Mickey to get you started is one we found on Pirates of the Carribbean. On the ride, just before you go up the ramp to exit, there are three barrels hanging from a rope above. They are fashioned into the shape of a Mickey head with two ears above.

So there you go. I've got you started. :)

Report Your Hidden Mickeys!
Please let disneymike know about any Hidden Mickeys you find at the Disneyland Resort!

Please include the following:

Which Park (Disneyland, DCA, Downtown Disney)
Location in Park
Description of Hidden Mickey
When You Spotted the Hidden Mickey


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