Dad Feeling a Bit Better

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 | Family

Toni, Erin and I went to see my dad at the hospital this evening. He was having a solid meal with a grilled chicken sandwich, salad and angel food cake. He had a good appetite. They had given him an anti-nausea medication IV yesterday which promptly cured his nausea. Unfortunately, earlier today he was only allowed a clear liquid diet and he was quite hungry. They performed an ultrasound last night and will perform another tonight. They found that his kidney function is abnormal, but it's not uncommon with patients who have had a dye administered in conjunction with a balloon angioplasty like he had recently. They are monitoring him and plan to go on with the scheduled angiogram this Friday. He was in good spirits and had regained his strength. They are giving him a potassium drip to replenish his potassium levels.

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