In-N-Out Burger

Wednesday, 4 Aug 2004 | Food, Restaurants

In-N-Out Burger is a privately owned hamburger restaurant from California that has enjoyed great success. It's Erin's favorite fast food restaurant, hands down. :)

They have a simple menu that consists of hamburgers, fries, shakes and other beverages and not much more. It's very basic, but it works because they do what they do very well. Just ask the scores of fans that flock to In-N-Out for their favorite fix.

Secret Menu - If you want to order like a pro, then ask for one of these items not found on the menu. Don't worry, they'll know what you're asking for.

4 x 4 - Four meat patties and four slices of cheese

Hamburger, Animal Style - Lettuce, tomato, extra spread, pickles, grilled onions, and mustard fried into the patty

Fries, Well Done - Fries cooked to a crisp, golden brown

Grilled Cheese Burger - Similar to a hamburger but does not contain the meat and add two slices of cheese

Neapolitan Shake - A blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes

Wish Burger - Similar to a hamburger but does not contain the meat

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