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Sunday, 29 Aug 2004 | Pets

Taffy at 11 Weeks in Erin's Arms

At Sabado Gigante, we looked at the puppies at my sister-in-law Lisa's house and found them to be so adorable. After some time viewing their behavior, I decided that Ghost (due to her lighter color compared to her siblings), now renamed Taffy had the best temperament to work out for us. We have two cats, Sheba and Muffin. I was quite concerned how they would react to Taffy when we got home. I was expecting a very bad reception and a trying night. But we were all pleasantly relieved that the cats didn't take too much offense to the new canine in the house. She was my brother-in-law Michael's favorite puppy, so it was a bit uncertain if he would let Ghost go. But in the end, he decided we would give her a nice indoor home and acquiesced.

Taffy was exactly eleven weeks old yesterday. She was born on Saturday, June 12th, 2004.

Taffy slept cuddled up with Erin all night. She was so cute with her head lying on the pillow just like a little human. I got up in the morning and took her out in the front yard. She promptly did her business and we were back inside. Great job girl!

Today we are off to PETsMART to get Taffy a collar, leash and some Science Diet Canine Puppy food. It looks like she's gonna work out just fine as a new family member. Toni has wanted a dog for a long time, so she is especially happy.

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