Panda Express for Lunch

Friday, 27 Aug 2004 | Food, Restaurants

I went to Panda Express for lunch today to get my favorite, Orange Flavored Chicken. I just love the sweet, sour and slightly spicy flavor of this Panda Express original dish. It's delicious when it's just made, but it gets kind of tough and chewy if it has been sitting too long. I am so concerned about getting it fresh off the wok, I have been known to let people go in front of me in line so I can ensure a new batch.

Being half Korean, I notice that when most Americans order steamed rice, they seem to always put soy sauce all over it. I guess they feel like it's too bland otherwise. But to me and I think most Asians, it's alright that the rice is bland. It's supposed to be that way so it contrasts with the flavor of the foods eaten with it. Oh, and in America the rice is supposed to be seperate if it's perfect. Asians prefer their rice sticky and I do too, at least when it comes to steamed rice. Also, it's a lot harder to eat American rice with chopsticks because you have to pick it up a few grains at a time.

Panda Express
425 South Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 864-6216

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