Peeraya Is Open Again!

Friday, 10 Sep 2004 | Food, Restaurants

Sisters from Peeraya Thai Restaurant

I went with Cindy and Lola to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant in Palm Springs. Peeraya had been closed for a couple months during the summer and I had missed it very much. I was so excited that we were going.

I had my favorite dish, Yellow Curry with Chicken. It's chicken, onions and potatoes with a wonderful yellow curry sauce prepared with coconut milk. I pour the curry over the steamed rice to mix it before enjoying. It comes with a salad with their house dressing which is a wonderful homemade dressing; a sweet and spicy combination of flavors I just love. It also comes with a glass of Thai iced tea with cream in it, a sweet rich drink that puts out the fire in the food very well. I ordered a 10 on the 1 to 10 spicy scale. I love it really spicy. I'd recommend a 6 if you like a moderate kick. A 3 will give a little heat. For those who can't handle any spicyness, order a 1 for a mild sauce.

Their lunch menu has a number of items and is very reasonable. You get an entree, steamed rice and Thai iced tea for a bargain. Their dinner menu has much more variety. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, I'm sure you'll enjoy the cuisine. :)

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