2004 Tour of Gymnastics Champions

Thursday, 28 Oct 2004 | Family, Sports


Toni and I accompanied my dad to see the TJ Maxx 2004 Tour of Gymnastics Champions at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim Saturday night. It was really neat to see the Olympic gymnasts in person performing their routines. I am always amazed at the strength and agility displayed by gymnasts. We had a great time. I didn't find out until I got to the venue that cameras were allowed as long as the lens was 6 inches or less. I could have gotten some great shots, but oh well. I'll know to take it next time.

There was a segment where a group of Special Olympics gymnasts performed. It was so neat to see people with disabilities doing their best with such joy. It brought a tear to my eye. There was a blind man who performed on the parallel bars. What courage and determination they exhibited.

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