Halloween Trick or Treaters

Sunday, 31 Oct 2004 | Family

Toni's Pumpkin
Toni's Pumpkin

Toni carved a pumpkin again this year like she has done many times before. The one she made was pretty simple, but very cute. She normally does very elaborate designs, but she was under the weather this year, so she decided to give herself a break.

We had way more trick or treaters this year than last year. They came in droves for about three hours. There were a lot of really cute little ones. I really liked one boy who was dressed up as Eeyore. This was Taffy's first Halloween. She was barking at the children, doing her best to protect Toni from the bad people coming to our door. It was so funny to see her all worked up. She is so small that the kids just laughed at her and commented how cute she is. Even when I brought Taffy upstairs, she would bark every time Toni would touch the door handle.

We went through three large bags of candies from Costco. We got so low at the end of the evening, Toni got desperate and prepared to give away snack sized bags of Cheetohs. But once she loaded the bowl with Cheetohs, the trick or treaters relented. We thought there was plenty of candy, but Toni and I are famous for giving out a bunch of treats to each child.

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