The Cat Wrangler AKA Roastateer Dog

Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 | Family, Pets

This morning, Toni, Erin and I were eating breakfast in the dining room. Everyone in this household is female except me. My wife, daughter, two cats (Sheba and Muffin) and a dog are all female. Well, Taffy, our new puppy was herding our cats. She thinks she's some kind of cat herder breed, I'm thinking. It is too funny.

Erin sometimes gets tongue-tied or has trouble pronouncing certain words. She used to call strawberries starberries when she was a toddler. She announced to us the other day that Taffy is Roastateer Dog. We said, "What?" She said, "You know, like roastateer chicken you roast on the fire." She called her that because she was holding her in a position where she was bundled up like a roasted chicken. "Oh, you mean Rotisserie Dog," I exclaimed, laughing. Now I regularly refer to Taffy as Roastateer Dog. I love little family inside jokes like that. :)

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