A Fond Memory of Erin

Tuesday, 7 Dec 2004 | Family

When I was leaving Harvest after the Christmas Dinner last night, I noticed a flyer taped to a door. It was announcing In-N-Out Burger coming to the Harvest Christian School for lunch. There was a huge picture of a Double-Double on the page. Erin used to attend school here during her elementary years and she had invited me to come have In-N-Out for lunch. This had been at least four or five years ago.

They bring the burgers and fries in a big lunch truck and serve the food on location. I had forgotten about that day eating lunch with my daughter. The flyer brought back the memory. And it was a very fond and cherished memory indeed because Erin loves In-N-Out and mostly because it was just a very special father and daughter experience. It's interesting how simple things in life can mean so much. It was just a burger, fries and a soft drink, but it meant so much to me that Erin wanted me to be there with her. We both were so happy, just sharing the time with each other.

The flyer reminded me how special each moment shared with Erin truly is and how I love her so very much.

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