Christmas Dinner at Harvest

Tuesday, 7 Dec 2004 | Christian, Family

Last night, I met Toni and my dad at Harvest for a Christmas Dinner put on by The Lord Cares Bereavement Ministry (TLC). I arrived first, coming straight from work. I noticed and sat next to Toni's aunt Josie, whom I didn't know was attending. I told her that Toni and my dad would be joining us.

When my dad walked up, Josie said, "Oh, it's you Andy!" She had known my dad for some time through the bereavement ministry, but didn't realize that he was my father. Neither did my dad know that Josie was Toni's aunt.

We had a lovely time talking and the dinner was very tasty. After dessert was served, we had the pleasure to hear Jon Courson speak. He was quite engaging and really touched us with a message concerning the loss of loved ones.

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