Christmas Vacation

Wednesday, 22 Dec 2004 | Family

Well, I'm off from work from Thursday, the 23rd until Sunday, the 26th.

I'm spending Christmas Eve at my dad's house with Toni and Erin. We're gathering there because that was our tradition when my mom was alive. We traditionally eat dinner and open presents, which is fine with me since I'm so impatient. Actually I'm much more impatient to see someone open a present I've given than to open one of my own.

On Christmas Day, Erin and I are going to Toni's parents' house to meet with the whole gang of over twenty relatives for dinner and more presents. We pick names for Christmas since it's too costly to buy gifts for everyone.

On New Years Eve, we're having the same group of relatives over to our house to celebrate Toni's birthday. Her actual birthday is January 2nd, but it's more fun and convenient to celebrate on New Years Eve. We'll have lots of yummy finger foods for all the guests.

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