Erin Drives My Car

Monday, 13 Dec 2004 | Family

I let Erin drive my car for the first time since she got her learner's permit a few weeks ago. The first drive was on Friday when we went about a half mile from Costco to Best Buy. She also drove home from Best Buy, about a half hour drive.

Saturday, on the way to Palm Springs for the gift bag delivery for seniors sponsored by my union at work, I let her drive again. It's about a 75 minute drive each way to my work from home. So, with the round trip, she got in about 2.5 hours of practice. I have to say, I am very proud of how careful she has been driving. Neither Toni nor I were nervous, which surprised Erin very much.

At this rate she has completed her 10 hours of night driving and needs to work on completing the 40 hours of daytime driving required. It should pose no problem, given she has until May, 2005 when she will be eligible for her provisional license.

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