Quite a Day with Dad

Friday, 3 Dec 2004 | Family

Today was my mom's birthday. My dad was on his way to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this morning to attend a Christmas Coffee. I was on my way to work in Palm Springs. I receive a call from my dad a little after 7 am. He tells me that he had been in a traffic collision on 91 freeway. He was rear ended by another vehicle, spun 90 degrees to his left, collided with another vehicle in carpool lane and came to a rest facing the divider. He had a small bump on his left temple, most likely resulting from bumping the driver window during the jolt. Thankfully, he was not injured seriously.

Camry Damage

I took the day off from work and met my dad at the body shop. We left the car there. They estimated about a two week repair time. Then we were off to the rental car dealer. My dad had rental car insurance on his policy. Based on his daily dollar limit, he was able to rent a snazzy Mercedes Benz 240C. It was quite a nice car.


Next, we went to visit my dad's doctor to make sure his head injury was not serious. I had talked to him on the phone after the accident to make sure he was lucid. He seemed to have his wits about him. He didn't have any dizziness or nausea. Thankfully, the doctor said that he seemed well. He wants my dad to visit him again next Wednesday, noting if there are any changes in condition.

Mom's Marker

Then we met up with Toni and drove to the cemetary to take flowers to my mother's grave. It was a solemn moment as we remembered my mom and dad embraced Toni.

Dad Embraces Toni

Afterwards, we went to dinner. We had a lovely time visiting with my dad. The food was delicious and we enjoyed each other's company. After a long day with hardly a break, I returned home after 8 pm this evening.

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