Cooking for Dad

Monday, 31 Jan 2005 | Cooking, Family

Yesterday, after dropping Toni off at Danielle's baby shower, I went to my dad's house to check on him. He was doing pretty well, but was quite sore. I made him dinner since he had been eating pre-made food.

I decided to make rib-eye steaks and sauteed mushrooms for him. The steaks came out very juicy and tasty with a generous helping of quartered mushrooms over the top. The mushrooms came out nicely browned and the steak had a nice crunchy sear. Yum! It was so good that my dad and I cleaned our plates.

Toni's sister Trisha brought Toni back from the baby shower. When they arrived, they could smell the aroma of the food before they came in the house. They secretly were hoping I would have some leftovers to offer, but alas, there was none to be had. I told Toni I'd make steak for her sometime soon to make up for her missing out this time.

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