Dad Takes a Tumble

Saturday, 29 Jan 2005 | Family

My dad fell today. I received a call from Toni around 5:00 pm saying that my dad had fallen and was at the emergency room. He was leaving his doctor's office when he fell on the way to his car. He was walking down an incline and lost his balance, hitting his knee, hand, ribs and face on the sidewalk.

He was checked at the emergency room and they had x-rays and a catscan performed to check for broken bones. Fortunately they didn't find any broken bones. I drove him home at 9:00 pm. He is pretty sore and will need some rest, but should be fine. They put a chest wrap on him before he left to help his ribs heal nicely. I'm relieved and thankful that his injuries were minimal.

Dad got one of three remaining flu shots at his doctor before the fall. Flu shots have been in very short supply this year, so he was pleased to finally get innoculated.

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