In Remembrance of Muffin

Saturday, 22 Jan 2005 | Pets

Muffin (1994-2005)

With a heavy heart, we had Muffin put down today at our vet's office.

Muffin was my best friend. Toni would often say, "She lives for you, Michael." And that was true. She adored me. She loved all of us, but she had a special soft spot for me. She would always come up to greet me first thing in the morning before my shower. I would pick her and pet her once on my way into the shower and then once again on the way out. It was our daily ritual and we both loved it.

The vet was so sweet and considerate of our feelings. I can't thank him enough for his caring manner. Erin, Toni and I were there when she was put down. He shaved her little paw and gave her the injection. After she had passed, she looked very peaceful with her eyes crystal clear and gazing. It was very quick, not more than about 30 seconds. I'm glad she didn't have to suffer any further. She was very dehydrated and hungry because her failing kidneys and liver caused her to be nauseous and not able to hold down food and water.

On the trip to the vet, Erin held Muffin on her lap. Muffin was calm and seemed to enjoy the trip. She looked outside, very curious of the scenery, scanning everything through the window. She was such a loving cat, always sweet and personable. Last night we spent a lot of time with her. Although she was weak and tired, she made it a point to rotate between the three of us, making sure not to ignore anyone. I was so emotionally drained that I went to bed at 10:00 PM, unheard of for me.

The house feels a little bit empty without my buddy, Muffin. She will be missed sorely. My nephew, Michael, talked to Toni over the phone today. He is five years old. He was crying as he talked to her. It was touching to see how broken up he was about Muffin. He loved her very much too.

We decided to have Muffin cremated. We'll decide later what will be done with the ashes. I thought it might be nice to spread them at some location Toni and I love; a place we love as much as we loved her. I thought that would be fitting.

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