Muffin's Not Herself

Thursday, 20 Jan 2005 | Pets

Muffin, my tabby cat, has not been herself the past couple of weeks. She is usually a bit rotund, but is now gaunt and her fur isn't shiny nor well groomed. We noticed that she is not eating much food at all. I can feel the bones of her spine through her fur. She seems to have trouble chewing. I got her some soft canned food last night and she mostly licked up the gravy, but at least she got some nourishment.

She's spending the day at my dad's house so Toni can take her to the vet after work for a checkup and a blood test. We're hoping it's just some bad teeth bothering her, but are worried that it's something more serious. She's exclusively an indoor cat, so we hadn't contemplated any problems because of her age. She is ten years old, the same as Sheba.

Muffin always used to come up to greet me in the morning when I take my morning shower. She hasn't done that recently, but I didn't think much of it until two days ago. Well, this morning she came up and greeted me like usual which made me feel very good.

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