No More Late Fees at Blockbuster!

Tuesday, 25 Jan 2005 | DVDs, Movies, Rants

On Sunday, we went to Blockbuster Video to rent some Playstation 2 games. I hadn't been to a Blockbuster in quite some time since we rent virtually all our DVDs through Netflix.

Lately I have been seeing Blockbuster's television commercial announcing the end of late fees on all movie rentals with a crowd of people cheering their newly acquired freedom. I told Toni as I was walking in how I want to ask them if the Playstation 2 games don't have late fees as well. I was expecting that the no late fee policy applied only to movies and not video games. Toni muttered something about Blockbuster being liars, but I didn't think too seriously about it.

Well, on the way out, Toni asked about the late fees. The told her that neither games nor movies were exempt from late fees because they were a Blockbuster franchise. Apparently the no late fee policy applies to non-franchised stores only. I couldn't believe my ears. They advertise incessantly about no more late fees. Unbelievable. Oh, they do have a monthly rental program like Netflix with no late fees, but that's not what they advertised on TV.

The last time we rented DVDs from Blockbuster I ended up paying late fees because the return deadline had changed to something like noon instead of the customary 6:00 pm. I was not a happy customer. :/

I guess Toni was right about Blockbuster being liars and I think I'll be sticking with Netflix for my movie rental needs. :)

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