The "I" Formation

Monday, 3 Jan 2005 | Observations

Whenever we have our family over to our house for a party, it's always challenging to accomodate them all. We typically end up hosting over twenty guests.

At Toni's party this last weekend, I was charged with setting up the three folding tables. In the past, it always seemed that people would be squeezed in and at the same time not able to socialize with each other, each table cut off from the other two.

I Formation

Well, this time I had a brainstorm! I decided to set up the tables in an "I" formation with one table lengthwise in the middle and the other two perpendicular to it. This saved on space and also allowed everyone to face each other, similar to a large round table. This worked so well, it has become the official table formation for Fletcher family parties in the future. :)

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