Toni's Party Was a Hit!

Saturday, 1 Jan 2005 | Family

Last night we celebrated Toni's birthday (actually on January 2nd) along with the New Year. Happy New Year to all of my faithful readers. I am so thankful for your support and comments. I look forward to a wonderful new year of blogging.

The whole family enjoyed all our yummy food and drinks. I made a large baking dish of Spinach Artichoke Dip which I really liked. What surprised me was that it was history in a matter of minutes! I thought everyone would be too full when I made it around 9:00 pm, but boy was I wrong! Everyone enjoyed my smoothies and frozen margaritas I blended up.

I bought prepared Korean Kalbi Short Ribs and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken which were also a hit. The first batch of rice I made came out too dry, but Toni saved the day by cooking a second batch that came out just perfect. The birthday cake was devoured. At midnight, I handed out party favors and 10 poppers for each guest. Taffy didn't know what to think when she heard all the noise and flying streamers as we set off the poppers to ring in the new year.

KitchenAid Coffee Maker

Guests stayed until around 2:00 am. Toni made four pots of coffee with her new KitchenAid coffee maker and coffee grinder I got her for Christmas with Lion 100% Kona Coffee

My dad decided to spend the night since it was so late, not looking forward to the drive. He was gracious enough to take Erin back to her mom at 8:45 am on his way home so Toni and I could sleep.

It was a lot of fun. Toni had a great birthday. But, I'm glad it's over because I try to be the best host and find myself busy the whole time we have a party. My goal is always to give the best to company visiting our home.

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