Valentine's Day with Toni

Monday, 14 Feb 2005 | Family

Toni made me homemade Cheese Enchiladas for Valentine's Day dinner. Traditionally, we like to stay home on Valentine's Day as opposed to going out to dinner because it tends to be crowded and hectic; not usually a formula for romance. I usually have made dinner for Toni because she loves my cooking, but she wanted to cook for me this year. Since she was so sweet to cook, I decided to make Frozen Margaritas to go along with the food. Everything was delicious and we both ended up very relaxed.

After dinner, I had some Peanut Brittle Toni bought for me. Toni had some Godiva Chocolate from the box my dad bought her for Valentine's Day. Of course, she offered me a piece of chocolate and of course, I accepted. I asked her to pick one for me. It was dark chocolate with a dark chocolate cream center. Yum! :)

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