Taffy Makes a Break for It

Tuesday, 29 Mar 2005 | Pets

This morning, when I was going out to the car, Taffy saw an opportunity to slip out the partially opened front door of the house. Toni was preparing to wave goodbye to me peeking out the door as she often does when I leave for work. Taffy tore out of the house before Toni knew what hit her and jumped in through the open passenger side door. I guess she figured I would take her along if she jumped in because it would be just too arduous to remove her from the vehicle. But to her dismay, I had to take her out and give her to Toni. I always feel so bad to leave her because she loves human companionship.

Toni said she whined for a bit after I left, but recovered nicely upon noticing and seizing her little stuffed duck toy. I'm sorry for leaving Taffy. I'll be home as quickly as humanly possible.

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