Taffy Doodle

Monday, 18 Apr 2005 | Pets

My dad gave Taffy the nickname Taffy Doodle a long time ago and now it's a name we use affectionately for her. We have become quite attached to our little canine family member. We often call her Taffy Doodle and Taffy Doodle Dingle and even Taffy Doodle Dingle Dangle! I know, we're nuts. But that's ok. We know that and have come to terms with it. LOL

Well, through Taffy's Photo Album and weekly photo updates, she has become one popular puppy on the internet. People come to my blog to see and hear about her more than Toni, Erin or me. She's accumulating a huge fan base and frankly, I'm worried she is going get a huge swelled head.

Taffy is popular at home too. Today, Toni stayed home sick from work. The neighbor kids noticed her car in the driveway and decided to knock at the door. They asked Toni if Taffy could come out and play. Do you think the kids ever come over to see if any of the human members of the family can play? No way. But they come over for Taffy.

People tell me all the time how they think Taffy is so cute and adorable. I even had someone ask to let her know if she has puppies because she's officially the cutest dog in the world! LOL

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