Whole Chicken in a Can!

Monday, 11 Apr 2005 | Food


I found this product in a local grocery store a few weeks ago when I was picking up some tuna for sandwiches.

As the can clearly states:

Chicken Ready
One whole chicken, without giblets, packed in broth
Net wt. 50 oz. (3 lb. 2 oz.)

Ever since I saw it for the first time, I've wanted to get a photograph of it. Tonight, I happened to be stopping at that very grocery store and decided to take my camera in to grab a shot of it.

Does this sound freaky to you or is it just me? I know I've bought chicken broth in a can tons of times. I've bought chicken in a can many times too. But somehow the idea of a whole chicken in a can with broth is just NOT appetizing to me.

Has anyone tried this? Oh, I suppose it would be lovely to have a few cans on hand in the cupboard when unexpected company drops by. Think of how convenient it would be. And you don't even need to refrigerate it; long shelf life too. It's already cooked. Just heat and serve. Yum!


Lori said at 10:45 AM on Wednesday, April 13, 2005


disneymike said at 10:58 AM on Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It doesn't sound good to you? LOL

Lori said at 5:54 PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2005

IF it were the last thing on my shelf and I have NO other food whatsoever..I MAY eat it!!!!!!!!! LOL I'm still waiting to see if anyone has tried it. It doesnt sound pretty :/

Tania said at 10:28 PM on Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ok this is way too funny. My friend and I just got home from the states (to Canada) and saw this crap in a grocery store. We were dying laughing as this was the second most ridiculous thing we had seen all day. Check out your local Walmart's camping department and you will find envelopes with freeze dried scrambled egs and bacon that you add hot water to right in the package. They also, oddly enough, have freeze dried ice cream sandwiches and neopolitan ice cream on the shelf, that are ready to eat straight from the package, no refridgeration necessary. I did manage to crack one of the ice cream sandwiches in half. I am so glad you had this picture posted, as I just got off the phone with another friend who could not believe me. I will be sending her the link to this website. PS they also sell fake toenails in Walmart, I suppose this would be great if you were missing some.


Angela said at 7:56 AM on Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In 1995 I lived in the Yukon. One night after a lot of drinking under the midnight sun, we got the munchies. We pooled our money together and sent one guy to the store. He must have been as drunk as the rest of us because he brought home a chicken in a can. We thought this was really funny and a few weeks later we held a party to unveiled it. I've seen alot in my life, but little comes close to watching a whole chicken covered in goop slide from a can. We ended up making t-shirts out of the label. They said "I surrived Chicken in a Can '95"

disneymike said at 9:37 AM on Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tania - At least the freeze-dried foods make sense for backpacking since they're light and easy to carry.

Angela - Your description of the Whole Chicken in a Can makes it even more creepy, if that's possible. I think the t-shirt idea is too funny. So, did the chicken taste decent or was it terrible?

John said at 3:47 PM on Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I think "Chicken In A Jar" would be better. At least we can see what is inside.

mhofkp said at 7:35 PM on Sunday, December 25, 2005

look, chicken in the can is nothing new or gross.
have you seen the twilight zone episode with charles bronson and elizebeth montgomery? well, he's eating 'chicken in a can'. think of it like this: chicken soup with-out noodles. thats it.

Mookie said at 6:19 PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am 55 and yes I remember whole chicken in a can. It was made by Collage, the same people that make chicken broth. I have been trying to find it, and yes it's good. Nothing like coming home from work and opening up a can and making chicken salad,chicken and noodles, chicken taco's, chicken pot pie. Quick and easy. No joke, it's really good.

Lee Myerhoff said at 2:36 PM on Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I work for a community mental health clinic, and we use chickens in a can for giving out to our clients for thanksgiving. No refrigeration needed and they are all cooked

Lindsey said at 11:36 AM on Sunday, September 2, 2007

Have you even tried it? It is the most delicious thing ever. Try the Chicken and Dumpling recipe on the back. The "goo" as you put it is chicken cold chicken broth. My family grew up on it and I haave used it in MANY dishes where people cannot get enough. They don't even know it comes from a can either. It is tender and juicy. Actually use it before you knock it.

Joe said at 5:54 AM on Friday, May 9, 2008

My mother used to buy Southern Star chicken in the tall-sized can in the 1950s. It was the whole chicken, bones and all. It was very tender and because they cooked it in the can, all of the flavor stayed in the chicken. My mother would frequently make chicken noodle soup with it. We kids loved it. I've been looking for it in the store but I can't find it.

kelley said at 1:12 PM on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've used this product for years. I use them for making homemade chicken and dumpling soup. I can no longer get them in my area and don't know where to find them now. If anyone knows who sells them in Atlanta, I'd love to know where.

mark said at 1:01 PM on Friday, May 1, 2009

Following links in utter disbelief I found your pictures on google.

Thought I would share what started this tasty thread...



nicole said at 4:20 AM on Sunday, October 4, 2009

I just saw it on asiamex com so googled it and came here. Havent tried it yet (its out of stock right now and its 12.50) I was seeing if there was a better price somewhere.

A.D. said at 1:33 AM on Monday, November 9, 2009

I wouldn't bash it without eating it. I live in a dorm in college and I have since tried many prepared and canned foods that I never would have tried before. And this is very good. Because it is in broth, it tastes much much better and less bland than just chunk chicken in water. Because the broth contains an actual chicken, it tastes better than just simple broth in a can. It is really good. I like it.

cyndi said at 11:31 AM on Sunday, January 31, 2010

some folks are looking for this..? And that jar thing would make it that much more gross! guess since we do buy chicken (spread)/broth.. it isn't that far fetch to think someone would think of a whole chicken in a can...just not appealing..sorry!

bob said at 8:22 PM on Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have one of these cans staring at me right now! I came across it by accident in a grocery store a few years ago and just had to buy it. I've never had the guts to open it up. It's been at least three or four years since I bought it and I'm wondering if it is even "good" still. I'm feeling somewhat brave this evening and am contemplating "jumping off the cliff" and eating this bad boy. Does anyone know how long you can keep one of these around before you will get seriously sick?

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