Lego Memories

Monday, 16 May 2005 | Family

When I was four years old, I lived in North Carolina because my dad was in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg. Aunt Ko Ja, my mom's younger sister lived with us too. My mom had sponsored her for U.S. citizenship, so Ko Ja lived with us for a while before she got married.

Well, Ko Ja would spoil me since I was her nephew. Plus, Korean relatives love to spoil their nephews and nieces and grandchildren. On one occasion, I can't remember if it was Christmas or my birthday or no particular day at all, Ko Ja bought me a Lego Starter Set. It had a large rectangular base to build upon and a bunch of Lego bricks of various sizes and shapes and a few windows for good measure all packed neatly into a resealable hinged box with plastic compartments. The bricks came in red, white and blue and the base was green if memory serves me right. Oh, I think there were a few flat light gray pieces too. These were basically just bricks, not any of the fancy pieces you see today. There weren't any Star Wars or Spiderman characters or giant sailing ships sets like there are now.

Even though the set was simple and basic, I loved to express my creativity with these multi-colored plastic interlocking building bricks. It was one of my most beloved toys growing up. I still have fond memories of playing with my Legos to this day. It wasn't just a toy, it was creative outlet for an only child and the creator of childhood memories. Thank you so much Aunt Ko Ja for your gift many years ago. I enjoyed it more than you'll ever know.

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