Triple Birthday Bash

Sunday, 1 May 2005 | Family, Food, Restaurants


Yesterday, we had a big birthday party for my daughter Erin who turned sweet 16. Actually, it was a triple birthday party because we also celebrated two other landmark birthdays with hers. We celebrated my dad turning 70 and Toni's mom turning 80. So, it was quite the mega party. We had over 30 family members and friends show up for the event at Pat & Oscar's in Temecula.


On Friday night, Erin had two close friends, Sandy and Alicia, spend the night for a girl's slumber party. I already knew Sandy well, but it was the first time I had met Alicia, a very sweet and polite girl. They had fun eating Chinese food, talking and watching rented DVDs together that night.


I love to have Erin's party at Pat & Oscar's because they can almost always accomodate a large party without prior notice. The management was kind enough to set up a very long table for our group. I sat at one end and Erin sat at the other end. She was so far away that people were joking about calling her on the mobile phone to talk to her! LOL


Lemon Chicken Wings

Baby Back BBQ Ribs

Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce

BBQ Chicken Pizza

There was plenty of yummy food for everyone to enjoy. I love Pat & Oscar's Breadsticks. They are famous for them. They are hot and fresh from the oven, buttered and salted to perfection. I love them! We all ate until we could eat no more. :)

Finally, with our family we have a custom of hugging each other when we greet and say goodbye. At this party, as is always the case, this ritual causes the departure to be long and drawn out. We generally say goodbye to everyone else. We did this inside Pat & Oscar's. Then we mill over to the front door still chatting and continuing farewells. I then looked out the front door of the restaurant and noticed the majority of the 30 something guests just outside the entrance conversing. So then I went outside to once again say goodbye and hug everyone. And for good measure, I said goodbye to a select few as they entered their vehicles to leave. Phew! It's quite an ordeal, but it keeps us close. ;)

Pat & Oscar's
29375 Rancho California Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 695-2422

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