American Bison Nickel

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2005 | News


I came across a new nickel yesterday when I was buying a bottled water. It had a new stylized version of Jefferson and an American Buffalo on it. I thought it looked very nice.

Here's what the U.S. Mint has to say about it:

Westward Journey Nickel Series™ -- 2005 Designs

In commemoration of the bicentennials of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition, the President enacted Public Law 108-15 to modify the Jefferson 5-cent coin (nickel) to reflect images evocative of the historic expedition into the Louisiana Territory. The United States Mint began the Westward Journey Nickel Series™ in 2004 with the release of the Peace Medal and Keelboat nickels. In 2005, a contemporary image of President Jefferson will appear on the nickel, along with two new reverse designs that recognize the American Indians and wildlife encountered by the Lewis and Clark expedition and the progress and culmination of the journey. Depictions of Monticello and Thomas Jefferson will return to the nickel in 2006.

2005 Obverse Design: "President Jefferson with Handwritten Liberty"

The obverse design for the 2005 nickels will bear, for the first time in 67 years, a new likeness of America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. The “Liberty” inscription on the coin is based upon Jefferson’s own handwriting. The design is based on the marble bust of Jefferson by the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon, completed in 1789. The design was made age-appropriate to his presidency by utilizing later paintings by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale.

The design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, Joe Fitzgerald, of Silver Spring, Maryland. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Don Everhart sculpted the design.

2005 Spring Reverse Design: "American Bison"

The first of two new reverses on the 2005-dated nickel will feature the American bison, recognizing the American Indians and wildlife encountered by the Lewis and Clark expedition. Expedition journals described the buffalo, and it was an animal of great significance to many American Indian cultures.

The design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, Jamie Franki, of Concord, North Carolina. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Norman E. Nemeth sculpted the design.


Great Angels Game

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2005 | Angels, Family

On Sunday, Toni, Erin, my dad and I went to the last game of the Freeway Series against the Dodgers. We had won the first two games of the series. It was an interesting game and close all the way to the end. We had the privilege of witnessing Garret Anderson drive in his 1,000th career RBI when he sent in two runners to put the Angels in the lead by two after being tied. We went on to win the game 5 to 3 and sweep the Dodgers!


Christina's Graduation Party

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2005 | Family

On Saturday, we went to Christina's Graduation Party at her house. She just graduated from high school, so the whole family wanted to celebrate her accomplishment. They had two six foot burritos from El Gran Burrito for the party. One burrito was carne asada and the other was vegetarian. They also had chimichangas which were especially good. I think the most popular food items were the fresh fruits including grapes, watermelon and strawberries. After dinner, we had cake and Christina opened her presents. The weather was cool and breezy for a summer day which was nice since the party was held outside.


Taffy's 54 Week Photo

Sunday, 26 Jun 2005 | Pets


Taffy gives Erin a big hug.


Remembering Mom

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2005 | Family


It's been over a year since my mom passed away and I still miss her very much. I'm sure I always will.

I recently scanned a couple of pictures of her. The first one is of her and me in Seoul, Korea. I would say it was taken around 1965 or 1966.

The second one is of my mom in 1962, before I was born. It was taken in Seoul also, at my grandmother's house. She's wearing a canary yellow dress my dad picked out and sent to her from JC Penney. He was back in the United States. My mom had not moved here yet.



Interesting Catsup

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005 | Food, Humor


I went to lunch with Glenn today at Tortilla Express. I had a shrimp and a fish taco.

When we were about to leave, I noticed some packets of catsup. They looked ordinary enough, but upon further inspection that was definitely NOT the case. This was not ordinary, run-of-the-mill catsup, but Four in One LUCKY catsup! I thought that was hilarious. I don't even know what four in one means. Does it substitute as a wrench and other objects? But then to find out it's lucky catsup. I think I need to stop at the Indian Casino on the way home or something. LOL

Now, if I can just find some lucky mustard and lucky relish to go along with it, I'll be set!


First Day of Summer in Palm Springs

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005 | Daily

Well, today is officially the first day of Summer. And since I work in Palm Springs, California, it means the beginning of a long period of scorching heat that I've gotten used to but won't ever like.

Let's see, I wonder what the high temperature for Palm Springs is for today according to It's supposed to be 113 degrees today. How nice. And that's a RealFeel temperature of 114 degrees. The RealFeel temperature is an AccuWeather exclusive that takes into consideration various factors like humidity, wind speed, etc. to determine how hot or cold the weather feels.

Disneymike's RealFeel temperature says it's way too HOT! ;)


Taffy's 53 Week Photo

Sunday, 19 Jun 2005 | Pets


Taffy's profile taken in our front yard. I love the reflection in her eye and her cute eyelashes.


Mason's First Birthday Party

Sunday, 19 Jun 2005 | Family


On Saturday, Toni, Erin and my dad went to Newport Beach for Mason's first birthday party. He is the adorable son of my cousin Matthew and his wife, Melinda.


It was nice to see members from my mom's family. It had been a while since they live a bit far from us. It was the first time I had seen little Mason in person. He was so cute, I fell in love with him. He has the cutest, almond-shaped eyes that I think come from Melinda.


I got to see my cousin Johh, his wife Julie and their daughter Jenna as well as his parents, my aunt Ko Ja and Uncle Kim. My aunt Myong Sun and her son Steven were also in attendance.

The party was held at the Bayside Restaurant in Newport Beach. We got a little lost on the way there and drove past Bayside Drive, over the bridge onto Balboa Island. It didn't take long for us to get back on track and find the restaurant.


The restaurant was decorated so nicely. There was a table with traditional Korean rice cakes and candies. I brought my camera to take a few pictures, but Julie recruited me to be the official photographer for the event. So, I was taking pictures nearly the whole time as usual. I did take time to stop and eat the yummy food.

Please see my Mason Photo Set at


Amusement Park Memories

Thursday, 16 Jun 2005 | Childhood

On the way in to work this morning, I remembered a couple of fond childhood memories I experienced at amusement parks.

I remember going to SeaWorld in San Diego on several occasions. It was great fun to see all the sea creatures. But the one attraction that held much fascination for me was the Dancing Waters show hosted by Sparkletts Water. It was an indoor water fountain show with beautiful lights choreographed to music. The songs that I remember most fondly in the show were Memories by Barbara Streisand and Times of Your Life by Paul Anka. This attraction has since closed and I miss it very much.

Another memory is going to the San Diego Zoo with my aunt Betty and my cousin Brian. I recall having a picnic lunch that day. My aunt brought assorted chips, but in particular Bell Brand chips. They weren't the best chips in the world, but they were notable and fun because it was a brand I never got at home.

Then there was a trip to Magic Mountain with my parents and my uncle Kim and aunt Ko Ja. On that trip, we had lunch at one of the fast food places in the park. That, in and of itself was cool for a child. But the thing I remember the most was how the hamburger my uncle Kim bought me was packaged. It was wrapped in brightly colored foil and was skewered in the middle with a party toothpick. You know, the kind of toothpick that has pretty frills on the end in either red, blue, green or yellow. Something about that presentation was fascinating to me. That also reminds me of a set of plastic toothpicks in a clear case we had at home. They were shaped like little swords with handles in a variety of colors.

It's funny how certain little details stand out in our childhood memories. It doesn't make sense to me, but I find I do get a nice feeling of contentment when I reminisce about them.


Online Rebates

Monday, 13 Jun 2005 | Raves

I really don't like preparing and mailing rebates. I like getting the refend check, but often the preparation can be frustrating. You typically need a copy of the receipt, a UPC label off the product, a fully filled out rebate form, an envelope and a stamp. That doesn't include a trip to the post office to drop off the envelope.

Well, I was very pleased to find out that the rebate for the new 5.8 Mhz Panasonic Cordless Phone System I bought at Costco could be taken care of online. You just go to their home page and click on rebates. Then you provide your membership number, a few codes off the receipt and your personal info and you're done. Kudos to Costco for making a tedious task much quicker and easier. I welcome other retailers providing this convenience. :)


Elizabeth's Graduation Party

Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 | Family

Today the whole family gathered for a second time this weekend. This time it was to celebrate my niece Elizabeth's graduation at El Gran Burrito in Riverside. She is now officially a Medical Assistant. Toni and I ordered Wet Carne Asada Burritos which were very good. We had to force ourselves to stop eating chips and salsa so we would have room for our meals. Congratulations, Elizabeth!


Deidre's Birthday at Pat & Oscar's

Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 | Family


On Frday evening, the whole family congregated at the Pat & Oscar's at Ontario Mills to celebrate my niece Deidre's birthday. We had lots of good food and company. It was a lovely cool evening with a nice breeze. I went directly from work to the party. The traffic was unusually smooth and uncongested, which made me very happy.


Taffy's 1st Birthday

Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 | Pets


Today was Taffy's first birthday. It's hard to believe she's already a grown dog. It's been wonderful watching her grow up and recording her growth in Taffy's Photo Album. To celebrate her birthday, Toni bought Taffy some Frosty Paws dog treats. They're like little ice cream cups for dogs. Taffy seemed to enjoy the frozen confection. Toni and I sang Taffy Happy Birthday. We're so fortunate to have her as a part of our family.



Taffy's 1 Year Photo

Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 | Pets


Today is Taffy's 1st birthday, so she's a full grown adult dog and a no longer a puppy.


Pick Up Stix

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Family, Food, Friends, Restaurants

Last night Erin and I went to dinner with her friend Sandy and Sandy's mother, Loyda and brother, Ryan. Toni was at a retirement dinner at Indian Hills Country Club, so Erin and I were on our own for dinner.

We went to Pick Up Stix at the Riverside Plaza. Pick Up Stix is a favorite fast food Chinese place Toni and I discovered in Irvine. Since then, they have expanded into the Inland Empire and San Diego. Our favorite item is their House Special Chicken which is made with a sauce of garlic, white wine, pepper and soy sauce. I really want to learn the recipe for that dish badly. Sandy suggested we go there because she has become a fan of Pick Up Stix since we introduced her to it when she stayed overnight for Erin's birthday.

Pick Up Stix
3540 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 786-9066


Michael Squared Birthday Party

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Family

On Sunday, the whole family got together at the Pizza Factory in Pedley to celebrate our brother-in-law's and his son's birthday, both named Michael.

It was cool because they tuned in the Angels game on the large plasma television, so we were able to watch the game as we socialized. Unfortunately, the Angels ended up losing to the Red Sox. I played air hockey and Foosball in the game room. I've always enjoyed air hockey and used to wish I could have an air hockey table when I was growing up.

Everyone had a great time eating pizza and chicken wings. After our meal, the two Michaels opened their gifts. We got big Michael a neat aluminum alloy LED flashlight from Sharper Image. For Little Michael, aka Mikey, we got Gazillion Bubbles, a pack of three airplanes with motorized propellers, a rip cord activated wheel with a ramp for cool jumps and a set of alkaline batteries. They were both very pleased with their gifts. They had a Spiderman birthday cake since Mikey loves Spiderman like crazy.


Citrus City Grille

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Family, Food, Restaurants

We ate dinner at the Citrus City Grille after shopping at Victoria Gardens. It's located in the newly renovated Plaza Shopping Center in Riverside. They've done a great job with the Plaza. It has a nice outdoor mall feel kind of like Victoria Gardens but on a much smaller scale.

Erin's aunt Jaimie had given us a gift certificate for Citrus City Grille. It was our first time dining there. Toni and I really liked the atmosphere. It had the feel of a trendy supper club from the 60's. Toni liked that they had live music with a keyboard player and singer.

We started our meal with Coconut Shrimp with an Apricot Dipping Sauce and a Caesar Salad. Both were quite good. We both loved the Apricot Dipping Sauce because it was a combination of sweet and spicy that both of us enjoy.

For our main course, Toni ordered the Pot Roast and I ordered a New York Steak medium. Both dinners were very good. We had a very nice time and enjoyed the whole experience. We finished it off by sharing a Creme Brulee. It was good, but Toni commented sweetly that it wasn't as good as my Creme Brulee.

Citrus City Grille
3555 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, California 92506
(951) 274-9099


Victoria Gardens

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Family

After the play, Toni and I went to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. It was the first time either of us had been there. Victoria Gardens is a new upscale outdoor mall with plenty of shops and restaurants. We were quite pleased to see there was a PF Changs there, since it's one of our favorite restaurants.

I wanted to go to the Apple Store to check out Powerbooks. I wanted a Powerbook for our upcoming trip to Hawaii in August. I needed a way to offload the pictures from my camera since we would be gone for 16 days. Plus it would be nice to have access to my blog on the trip and it's nice to be able to check the internet for Hawaii information. The Powerbook will serve double duty at home when Erin or Toni need to write up papers or access the internet. We used Toni's teacher discount to save a little on our Powerbook, so that was nice.

We had a nice time at Victoria Gardens. We were both impressed by the stores and the ambiance. We didn't have nearly enough time to check out all the stores, but I'm sure we'll be back again soon. It's neat that they are open everyday until 10 pm. Now why can't all malls be open that late? I never understood why most malls close earlier on Saturdays and Sundays when most people are able to stay out late shopping.



Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Friends

On Saturday, Toni and I met with Susan to see the play Footloose at the California Theater in San Bernardino. Susan and her husband Rod have season tickets for the California Theater and were kind enough to invite us to join them for this play. I was wondering how the movie would translate to the stage and found that it did quite well. It was an enjoyable performance that had us laughing and singing along with the familiar tunes. It's interesting how music can bring you back to times in your past. After the play, Susan and Rod were off to Las Vegas. Thanks again Susan for a wonderful time.


Taffy's 51 Week Photo

Saturday, 4 Jun 2005 | Pets


Taffy's a huge Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan just like the rest of the family!


Erin Awarded High Honors

Wednesday, 1 Jun 2005 | Family

I went with my dad to Erin's High School Awards Ceremony this evening at her school auditorium. I knew Erin was receiving an award, but I didn't know which one. It turns out she won an award for High Honors which means that she earned a grade point average of 3.8 or better. I was so proud of her. Great job, Erin! :)


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