Amusement Park Memories

Thursday, 16 Jun 2005 | Childhood

On the way in to work this morning, I remembered a couple of fond childhood memories I experienced at amusement parks.

I remember going to SeaWorld in San Diego on several occasions. It was great fun to see all the sea creatures. But the one attraction that held much fascination for me was the Dancing Waters show hosted by Sparkletts Water. It was an indoor water fountain show with beautiful lights choreographed to music. The songs that I remember most fondly in the show were Memories by Barbara Streisand and Times of Your Life by Paul Anka. This attraction has since closed and I miss it very much.

Another memory is going to the San Diego Zoo with my aunt Betty and my cousin Brian. I recall having a picnic lunch that day. My aunt brought assorted chips, but in particular Bell Brand chips. They weren't the best chips in the world, but they were notable and fun because it was a brand I never got at home.

Then there was a trip to Magic Mountain with my parents and my uncle Kim and aunt Ko Ja. On that trip, we had lunch at one of the fast food places in the park. That, in and of itself was cool for a child. But the thing I remember the most was how the hamburger my uncle Kim bought me was packaged. It was wrapped in brightly colored foil and was skewered in the middle with a party toothpick. You know, the kind of toothpick that has pretty frills on the end in either red, blue, green or yellow. Something about that presentation was fascinating to me. That also reminds me of a set of plastic toothpicks in a clear case we had at home. They were shaped like little swords with handles in a variety of colors.

It's funny how certain little details stand out in our childhood memories. It doesn't make sense to me, but I find I do get a nice feeling of contentment when I reminisce about them.

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