Michael Squared Birthday Party

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 | Family

On Sunday, the whole family got together at the Pizza Factory in Pedley to celebrate our brother-in-law's and his son's birthday, both named Michael.

It was cool because they tuned in the Angels game on the large plasma television, so we were able to watch the game as we socialized. Unfortunately, the Angels ended up losing to the Red Sox. I played air hockey and Foosball in the game room. I've always enjoyed air hockey and used to wish I could have an air hockey table when I was growing up.

Everyone had a great time eating pizza and chicken wings. After our meal, the two Michaels opened their gifts. We got big Michael a neat aluminum alloy LED flashlight from Sharper Image. For Little Michael, aka Mikey, we got Gazillion Bubbles, a pack of three airplanes with motorized propellers, a rip cord activated wheel with a ramp for cool jumps and a set of alkaline batteries. They were both very pleased with their gifts. They had a Spiderman birthday cake since Mikey loves Spiderman like crazy.

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