Online Rebates

Monday, 13 Jun 2005 | Raves

I really don't like preparing and mailing rebates. I like getting the refend check, but often the preparation can be frustrating. You typically need a copy of the receipt, a UPC label off the product, a fully filled out rebate form, an envelope and a stamp. That doesn't include a trip to the post office to drop off the envelope.

Well, I was very pleased to find out that the rebate for the new 5.8 Mhz Panasonic Cordless Phone System I bought at Costco could be taken care of online. You just go to their home page and click on rebates. Then you provide your membership number, a few codes off the receipt and your personal info and you're done. Kudos to Costco for making a tedious task much quicker and easier. I welcome other retailers providing this convenience. :)

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