iPod Shuffle Fever

Sunday, 24 Jul 2005 | Family


Toni told me today how she was really enjoying taking walks lately. She has been watching what she eats and exercising with weights and taking Taffy on a walk everyday. I'm very proud of her. She's doing very well. The one thing she wished was that she could listen to music during her walks. I told her that an iPod Shuffle would be perfect for her walks because it's so light and comes with a handy lanyard.

After a stop at Sprouts Natural Market to pick up some groceries for dinner, I took a detour to Circuit City to buy her an iPod Shuffle. She deserved it because she has been doing so well with her diet and exercise lately. She was surprised and overjoyed when I presented a shiny new 1GB iPod Shuffle to her.

Toni is so cute. She is spending the whole evening importing songs from our CD collection to create that perfect mix for her iPod. She is so meticulous about it, makeing lists of songs she wants. It makes me so happy to see her enjoying herself so much. Toni had originally wanted a regular iPod, but she is very happy with the Shuffle because it is so small and light. You can hardly tell its on your neck when you wear it.

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