It Was Supposed to Be Hot Yesterday

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2005 | Daily

It was supposed to be blisteringly hot yesterday in Palm Springs, California. In the morning, I checked the forecast and it indicated an expected high temperature of 123 degrees (50 C) later in the day. Well, it only turned out to be a tepid 119 degrees. ;)

I'm not a fan of hot weather, but I think working in Palm Springs for a long time has gotten me acclimated to it. When I went outside in the morning yesterday, the tempereature was 108 degrees and it only felt mildly hot to me. I guess what is considered hot is all relative as far as how it feels to you, depending on what you're used to.

I remember the hottest day I've felt in Palm Springs was when it reached 128 degrees (53 C) about ten years ago. It was so hot, they shut down the Palm Springs Airport for a while because the chart they use for jet engine lift didn't go up that high in temperature! Apparently it's harder for jet planes to take off when it's really hot.

Although I have become accustomed to very hot weather and can tolerate it, I would still prefer to be in a more temperate climate like in my favorite city, Monterey, California.

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