Korean BBQ Village

Saturday, 16 Jul 2005 | Food, Restaurants



On Tuesday night after work, I met Toni and Erin at the Korean BBQ Village restaurant in Temecula, California. We had noticed this new Korean restaurant the weekend before and had wanted to try it out.

We ordered Gyoza, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) and steamed rice. The dinner came with a bowl of Miso soup and seven side dishes including Kim Chee. I was a little disappointed when the waiter said the Bulgogi would be cooked in the kitchen. There were gas grills installed in the tables for grilling the meat tableside, but apparently they only do that for larger orders.

The Gyoza was very good and came with a dipping sauce. They looked so beautiful and crispy golden brown. The Bulgogi was good, but a bit on the sweet side and could have used a bit more charred grill flavor. Overall, the meal was very good. I liked how they served the steamed rice in individual Traditional Korean covered stainless steel bowls. We'll be going back to try more of their dishes in the future.

Korean BBQ Village
41269 Margarita Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 296-5211

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