Birthday Dinner with Family

Monday, 8 Aug 2005 | Family, Food, Restaurants

Toni let me choose where I wanted to eat on my birthday yesterday. I chose Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill in Anaheim Hills for dinner because I love their food. Toni, Erin and I met my dad in Corona to drive to the restaurant together.

Everyday, we slow-roast our premium, mid-western meats and ribs for up to 18 hours. We then grill and sauce them to order over a live mesquite wood fire. This unique two-step cooking process produces flavorful, tender and addictive barbecue.

I had the Prime Rib and Mesquite Corn on the Cob. Toni and Erin shared the Fire Roasted Chicken which is very tender and moist. My dad tried the Filet Mignon. I had a bite of his steak and it was wonderful; seared nicely, tender, cooked perfectly medium, juicy with a great mesquite grilled flavor.

Since it was my birthday, I wanted to have dessert at RJ Patisserie in Hacienda Heights. It's a great French bakery and cafe run by Asians. Toni and I had been there once before and Erin and my dad were experiencing it for the first time.


Toni, Erin and I ordered Iced Coffee. The Iced Coffee has a bold coffeee flavor and is served with a tiny pitcher of simple syrup and an ice filled glass containing individual Half & Half servings.


My dad ordered a Cappuccino because he felt like something hot to drink with his dessert. It came in a beautiful cup and saucer with a petite Biscotto and a rock candy stirrer. The flavor was bold with a hint of cinnamon.


I chose the Prince Charles for my dessert. It was a very chocolatey cake with dark chocolate drizzled on it. It reminded me of a Sacher Torte in cake consistency and flavor. It was garnished with fresh strawberry and mango and a ribbon of chocolate.


Erin's choice of dessert was the Tiramisu. It was cut into the shape of a cute bell and was garnished with a fresh cranberry.


Toni decided on the Black Forest. It was a very delicate and tasty chocolate cake with cherries and garnished with chocolate shavings and a fresh cranberry.


My dad chose the Banquet for his dessert. It was pecan mousse which was mild and subtle in flavor with cake. It was garnished with fresh strawberry and blackberry and a chocolate leaf.

Since we all ordered different desserts, we shared bites so we could sample all the varieties we had ordered. My favorite was a toss up between the Black Forest and the Tiramisu. Toni liked her Black Forest the best. Erin thought her Tiramisu was the best. My dad liked his Banquet the most.

We all had a lovely time and it was a wonderful birthday shared with the people I love. I am so happy they indulged me by going to these special places for my birthday. Thank you so much, Toni, Erin and dad! :D

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill
8022 East Santa Ana Canyon Road
Anaheim, CA 92808
(714) 974-6660

RJ Patisserie
1635 South Azusa Avenue
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 810-6678

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