Dinner with Denise and Mary Pat

Saturday, 20 Aug 2005 | Family, Friends, Travel


We went to Mary Pat's house in Kailua today for dinner. Mary Pat is the cousin of Denise who I know from work. She has a beautiful Airedale Terrier named Winston who looked just like a stuffed Gund animal. Her husband was out of town in South Korea for his work. Denise has always been crazy about my cooking and especially loves my mushrooms. Since I knew she would be staying with her cousin in Hawaii during our vacation, Denise and Mary Pat invited me to come over to prepare dinner and they would provide the ingredients.

Mary Pat's house is beautifully located in Kailua at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and two small islands. She told us that she sees many celebrites who own houses in the area, Michelle Pfeiffer and Famous Amos to name a couple. The view was breathtaking from her patio. Toni, Erin, dad and Denise played cards while Mary Pat and I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I made Filet Mignon, Sauteed Mushrooms with Brandy Cream Sauce and Baked Potatoes for dinner. Mary Pat watched with interest the whole time I prepped and cooked dinner, asking questions and making conversation. She was the ultimate hostess and her kitchen was well stocked and joy to cook in. My only quibble was her stovetop was electric since I prefer gas, but that was fine. Denise had asked Mary Pat to watch carefully while I made the mushrooms since I don't give out that recipe. It's the only recipe I've developed on my own and I am highly secretive about it. I laughed when later Denise told me Mary Pat wouldn't divulge my recipe. Way to go Mary Pat!

Mary Pat bought a Cabernet Sauvignon to go with dinner which paired wonderfully with the steak. Everyone loved the food including myself. I am a fan of my own cooking too. After dinner Mary Pat served Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream with Fresh Blueberries and Blackberries which was wonderful. We talked some more after dinner and I took some pictures. Mary Pat gave me a list of restaurants to try during our stay.

We had a great time at Mary Pat's. She was so nice to us. She even gave my dad and I each a Hawaiian CD to take home with us. Thank you so much Mary Pat for the best time ever!

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