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Monday, 22 Aug 2005 | Travel

Today we took a trip to Oahu's North Shore. Originally, we were planning to drive directly toward Haleiwa and then follow the Kamehaha Highway around to the east and then south back to Waikiki. However, our plans changed after Toni called her cousin Esther. Esther wanted to get together for dinner and her husband Steve wouldn't be off work until later, so she proposed meeting at 4:00 pm for dinner. Since it was still before noon, we would have reached Haleiwa too early. So, I turned around and decided to take the opposite loop to North Shore.


We stopped at a number of beaches and lookout points to take pictures and enjoy the view on our drive. The water was so blue and multicolored due to the coral. I think the ocean was the deepest blue I've ever seen it that day. You could see the coral beneath the surface clearly with Toni's polarized Ray Bans. It was so neat.

At one point, I noticed a sign for Macadamia Nut farm and store and decided to pull in to take a look. They had all sorts of Macadamia products and Hawaiian goods in general. Toni bought some lotion and I bought a very delicious bag of Honey Coconut Macadamia Nuts. I bought some fresh pineapple for Erin, her favorite Hawaiian treat and a freshly cracked coconut with a straw for Toni. It was filled with coconut water and I was curious to try it out. Erin and I found it not pleasing at all, but Toni liked it pretty well.

Along the Eastern Coast of Oahu, I was amazed by the beautiful green mountains to the left of the highway. They were sheer and beautiful. They reminded me of the mountains you would see on the Fantasy Island television show; just stunning. I was also amazed by how the ocean appeared to be almost level with the road.


My dad noticed a sign for the Yellow Shrimp Shack which is a truck converted into a moving restaurant which specializes in fried and boiled shrimp. Toni had seen a segment on the Food Network about the Shrimp Shack and was eager to try it. A little after the sign, the traffic slowed to a stop. We were told by a local and a police officer that the highway was closed up ahead because of an accident resulting in several telephone poles falling and blocking the road. We were told that we should turn around because there was no telling how long it would be before traffic would be restored.

We were right at the point where we spied the Yellow Shrimp Shack. It was parked next to a small general store and had picnic tables and a grass parking lot. When I parked the car, an employee at the Yellow Shrimp Shack informed me via a megaphone that I was parking in someone's yard and would have to move to the official parking area for the restaurant. We decided to try some shrimp before turning back. We ordered one plate of Fried Shrimp and Rice for $9.95 to share since we were going to have dinner in a couple of hours. Well, there were not very many shrimp and the flavor was bland even though there was lot of minced garlic and the texture was not as firm as I would have liked. None of us liked it very much. I'm not sure why so many people rave about the Shrimp Shack. I thought it was expensive for what you get and mediocre in taste. The shrimp we had at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was much better in my opinion.

So, then I had our Hetz Neverlost satellite navigation system chart the fastest route to Haleiwa. We had to hurry to make it by 4:00 pm to meet Esther and Steve. We hit some heavy rush hour traffic, but we got to the restaurant in time. We had pizza and enjoyed meeting and talking to Esther and Steve very much. They enjoyed our company so much, they invited us back to their house on Saturday for an Enchilada dinner. Steve promised to teach Erin surfing and rock climbing too. We gladly accepted and headed back to the hotel.

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